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      Cloud wash jeans is one of the variety of our brand Blood Jeans at wholesale best prices in Gandhi Nagar, Delhi. Cloud wash jeans is one of our latest collection in Blood Jeans available now at various casual fashion  designs and patterns ranging from flip pockets to flip cuts and many more to the jeans quality .

cloud wash jeans | blood jeans

                           We are the best wholesaler at Delhi .  Our online jeans provides you best denim men jeans at Gandhi Nagar in cloud wash jeans variety .We have a unique designs

and  pattern in pockets and stretchable fittings jeans .we are working in industry since 1995. Blood Jeans is most popular brand of our product. As we are the manufacturer of the wholesale jeans ,we  always take care of our customer order as they required on demand if any.

                                           Cloud wash jeans by brand Blood Jeans is available in different sizes ranging from 28-36 and in various colors that  includes Royal Black ,Ice Blue ,Royal Blue , Glassy grey black tones , golden Brown ,Light Bluish and all other types of  new blue colors according to trend,other colors depending on choice of our customers . we pick the taste of our regular customer and provide the choice facility in colors and designs as per special required by  our customers in cloud wash jeans.

                             The special quality of cloud wash jeans is its cloudy effect which justifies naming  variety of jeans after it . Adding to it we have made additional pockets and have provided a special belt of same name special for each colors .  

                              Cloud  wash jeans  by brand Blood jeans is made of best quality denim available around India.We also offer 5% discount on wholesale rate during  festive season even though it is also available at best Prices in wholesale.

                            Some special qualities of cloud wash jeans are that it has lifetime warranty , is easy to wash and dry, is strong and comfortable to wear in any season .Cloud  wash jeans  Styles and features are so intense  it interacts the choice to buy for Blood Jeans our cloud wash jeans varieties b y the customer .             

                              Cloud wash jeans by brand Blood jeans , have a unique designs and patterns in pockets and stretchable fittings, our more collections are pencil fit jeans ,narrow bottom and many others in cloud wash jeans varieties  of Blood jeans . As we are the manufacturer we also design jeans as per your requirement designs and pattern on demand if any. Blood jeans is our popular brand and midlife jeans and Apple jeans are our additional online jeans brands. we are best wholesale jeans suppliers and manufacturer in Delhi. Our team work satisfies you in best online prices and quality of products .

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