BLOOD JEANS is one of the most widely stocked casual wear brands in INDIAN wholesale market stores, and provides a brilliant, extensive range of big and tall casual wear jeans . For casual wear , its waist  sizes go up to 36 inches as a result, we think is best Blood Jeans wear to men after bigger suits rather than longer, as the inside leg lengths only go up to 36in. Whether it’s for regular use or at any party event . Expect reasonable prices and excellent quality.

As a brand, Blood Jeans  needs no explanation, but you may not be known that it has a range of its iconic jeans sized specifically for taller, huge large men. The waist sizes start at 32in and goes up to 38in, while It offers four general styles – Authentic, Strong, Linear and Stretch to Fit – with each available in a number of colors and Designing.

Blood jeans are  brand casual jeans  made from denim, noted for their luxury and comfort. They have been worn by  young generation in the form of casual outfit , and by the men’s fashionable, who are conscious of the prestige conveyed by designer names.

Denim cloth itself has an uncommon past. The name for blood jeans was obtained from the color of the fabric used to make them. Denim was treated with a blue dye obtained from the indigo plant. Indigo had been used as a dye since 2500 B.C. in such diverse places as Asia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Britain, and Peru. Blue jean manufacturers imported indigo from India until the twentieth century, when synthetic indigo was developed to replace the natural dye.

Blood Jeans in the form we know them today didn’t come about until the middle of the nineteenth century. It is evergreen fashion of casual wear trend.

Blood jeans is a very loving brand and has got positive reviews from our customers recently. We have modifying our version of our each varieties according to our customer requirements . It is easy to wash and dry ,100% color and quality fabric guaranteed .

Blood Jeans started becoming popular and luxury  among young people in today’s trending years This growing trend continued until 1998  and jeans manufacturers were virtually guaranteed annual sales increases on it’s scale.